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Rizzie D'Alterio


 I love color because you really have the freedom to mess around with the different combinations. I'm definitely more of a “New School” style tattooer. Black and grey is awesome to work with as well. I'm easy going and down to earth. I like to make my customers feel comfortable when they're in my chair. If you get tattooed by me you'll be laughing and having fun the whole time.

 I got into this business because of my pure passion for art. Nothing is better than having a walking, talking canvas that will take your work wherever it travels. As a child I was always running up to people asking them to see their tattoos. It always fascinated me how someone could have such beautiful markings on their body. Even at a young age I would draw "tattoos" on my friends in class. As you can see, tattooing has always been a love of mine.


Reymundo "Rey"


I specialize in black and grey. If I had to give my style a name, I'd say I tattoo in the "Chicano" style. I'm the one you call if you need a tattoo covered up or re-worked. Another strong skill I have is executing Japanese style tattoos. I really enjoy the colors and the meanings behind Japanese artwork. 

Ant Sivik

Anthony Gaiso


After acquiring an apprenticeship with one of the best artists on the east coast, I’m now a full fledged professional tattoo artist working in one of the best shops in New Jersey. I started out at Tattoo Tony's Under My Skin and now I work here at Another Tattoo Shop. With five years of experience in the industry, everyday is still a new and exciting challenge to face and I love it.


Typography/Lettering is what I excel at the most. As of now I am trying to work on and build up my skills in the "New School" style of tattoos.

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